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Most Popular Policies of Reliance General Insurance

  • Reliance Private Car Insurance policy
    This comprehensive car insurance plan covers all damages caused to the policyholders' own vehicles as well as damages caused to third party cars.
    Key features of Private Car Insurance policy
    • Free Road side assistance available
    • Only 24 hours TAT for vehicle survey
    • Availability of 8 add-on cover
    • Anywhere Assist App to provide 24X7 roadside assistance
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  • Reliance HealthWise Insurance
    This health plan can be availed both as an individual and family floater plan and it offers wide range of protection.
    Key features of HealthWise Insurance Plan
    • Availability of lifelong renewal option
    • Coverage available for pacemakers and various surgical appliances
    • First heart attack is covered
    • Nursing allowance is available for 5 days
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  • Reliance Critical Illness Policy
    This policy offers a lump sum amount when policyholders are diagnosed with critical illnesses.
    Key features of Critical Illness Policy
    • Lifelong renewability
    • Coverage available for 10 major critical illness
    • Organ donor's treatment expenses are covered
    • Coverage available for third degree burns
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  • Reliance HealthGain Policy
    This health insurance plan can be obtained for individuals and families and the plan comes in two variants; plan A and plan B.
    Key features of HealthGain Policy
    • Lifetime renewal option available
    • Coverage for accidental injuries available in first 30 days
    • Availability of physicians or specialists for consultation
    • Day care and domiciliary treatments are covered
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Reliance Personal Accident Insurance Policy

As life is unpredictable, an accident or any mishap can occur out of nowhere and it takes less than a minute to turn your life down. But, you do not need to be worried because there is Reliance General Personal Accident Insurance policy. This policy safeguards you from financial burden. This plan not only provides protection for your family, but also provides protection for your family members.

Eligibility of this Personal Accident Insurance Policy

  • Entry age of this policy is 5 years to 70 years.
  • Corporate employers and their employee are eligible for this policy.
  • It is available for members of club or society.
  • This policy can be issued for the group of people.

Personal Accident Insurance Policy Coverage

An accident can be resulted in three variants. Like Temporal Disability, Permanent Disability, Permanent Partial Disability and Accidental Death. And coverage of those health conditions as follows.

Temporal Disability

In the event of temporary total disability, you can avail a weekly compensation that is paid by the Insurance Company for the entire period of disability. However, usually, the payment is made only for a period of 52 weeks.

Permanent Disability  

Under this plan, the insured person is eligible for the entire insured sum in case of a permanent total disability.

Permanent Partial Disability

According to this Personal Accident Insurance policy, you can get a specific payment for each Permanent Partial Disability.

Accidental Death

In the event of death, the entire sum insured is paid to the nominees of the insured person. But, in order to be entitled for this plan benefit, death must happen within a specific period (between 90 to 180 days) from the accident.

Key highlights of Reliance Personal Accident Insurance Policy

  • Under this Reliance Personal Accident Insurance plan, policyholders can avail comprehensive coverage for death, permanent disability and temporary disability.
  • Off duty and on duty coverage is also available under this plan.
  • Extension can be availed for medical expenses.
  • Additional coverage is also offered under this policy.
  • Fast and hassle-free claim settlement.

Exclusions of this plan

  • Death or disablement arising out of suicide or attempted suicide is not covered by this Personal Accident Insurance plan.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth is also excluded from this plan.
  • Any disablements due to war and nuclear perils are excluded from this policy.
  • ? Death due to HIV or Aids is not covered.

Natural death ?is also not the part of this Personal Accident Insurance Policy.