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Most Popular Policies of Reliance General Insurance

  • Reliance Private Car Insurance policy
    This comprehensive car insurance plan covers all damages caused to the policyholders' own vehicles as well as damages caused to third party cars.
    Key features of Private Car Insurance policy
    • Free Road side assistance available
    • Only 24 hours TAT for vehicle survey
    • Availability of 8 add-on cover
    • Anywhere Assist App to provide 24X7 roadside assistance
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  • Reliance HealthWise Insurance
    This health plan can be availed both as an individual and family floater plan and it offers wide range of protection.
    Key features of HealthWise Insurance Plan
    • Availability of lifelong renewal option
    • Coverage available for pacemakers and various surgical appliances
    • First heart attack is covered
    • Nursing allowance is available for 5 days
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  • Reliance Critical Illness Policy
    This policy offers a lump sum amount when policyholders are diagnosed with critical illnesses.
    Key features of Critical Illness Policy
    • Lifelong renewability
    • Coverage available for 10 major critical illness
    • Organ donor's treatment expenses are covered
    • Coverage available for third degree burns
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  • Reliance HealthGain Policy
    This health insurance plan can be obtained for individuals and families and the plan comes in two variants; plan A and plan B.
    Key features of HealthGain Policy
    • Lifetime renewal option available
    • Coverage for accidental injuries available in first 30 days
    • Availability of physicians or specialists for consultation
    • Day care and domiciliary treatments are covered
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Reliance General Health Insurance Plan

Reliance health insurance offerings come with three different types of policies. All of these three plans are designed to cater to the requirements of individuals and families during medical exigencies. Here is the list of Reliance health insurance plans.

  • Reliance HealthGain
  • Reliance Critical Illness
  • Reliance Personal Accident

Among these three plans, only the Reliance HealthGain is a typical indemnity health insurance policy. The rest of the two are fixed benefit policies that offer specified coverage against critical illnesses and accident respectively.

Beneficial Features of Reliance HealthGain Policy

  • 5% discount is available for girl child or single women
  • 5% discount on premium for those who availed Reliance Private Car Package Policy
  • Both immediate and extended members can avail coverage under individual mediclaim policy
  • Availability of tax deductions up to Rs. 35,000 under section 80D
  • Base sum insured is re-instated if total sum insured gets exhausted
  • Cashless hospitalization facility is available in over 4000 network hospitals all over India.
  • Availability of options to select among individual and family floater mediclaim policies
  • Available Sum Insured amounts are 3 lac, 6 lac & 9 lac
  • Lifelong renewal option is available
  • Claim settlements process is fast, simple and effortless
  • Here is a table with benefits and features of all three types of Reliance health insurance plans

    Name of the Plan Eligibility Age Pre and Post Hospitalization Medical Test Cumulative Bonus Renewal Option Sum Insured
    Reliance HealthGain 5 to 65 years 60 days before and after hospitalization. For Plan A, people who are more than 45 years old and for plan B who are more than 18 years old 33.33% increase in Base Sum Insured , maximum up to 100% Lifetime For Plan A – Rs.3 6 or 9 lakhs – For Plan B – Rs.12 , 15 or 18 lakh
    Reliance Critical Illness For 5 Lakh plan – 18 years to 65 years, for 7 Lakh plan – 18 years to 60 years, for 10 Lacs plan – 18 years to 55 years Required for people over 45 years 10% cumulative bonus is available, maximum 50% Lifetime Rs.5 , 7 and 10 lakh
    Reliance Personal Accident 5 yrs. to 70 years, children between 5 years and 25 years Rs. 5 lakh to 10 lakh

    Claim Scenarios:

    Reliance health insurance claims are of two types. Claims can be made for cashless treatment facility and to reimburse the expense incurred after treatment.

    Cashless Treatment Claims:

    To make a cashless claim, the insured need to avail treatment in a hospitals in the network of the insurer.

    Reimbursement claims:

    If the cashless claim of the insured gets rejected, claims can be made to reimburse the treatment expenses incurred in the hospital outside the network of the provider.